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Canada Digital Adoption Program

Canada Digital Adoption Program - Microgrant

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) may assist in getting your business online, expanding your online presence, or digitalizing your company’s processes as Canadian customers move online at a fast rate. The Grow Your Business Online grant is created to assist small companies in maximizing e-commerce possibilities and expanding their online consumer base.



Apply to this grant in 4 easy steps!

Step 1

Create your account

Step 2

Confirm your eligibility

Step 3

Work with a digital advisor to develop your digital adoption plan

Step 4

Submit your claim to receive your grant payment

Step 1

Create your account
Confirm your eligibility

Step 2

Step 3

Evaluate your Business and Create a Digital Roadmap
Submit the CDAP plan to the government of canada for the grant to execute the plan.

Step 4

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Canada Digital Adoption Program

Business Eligibility

Small Business in British Columbia administers the Grow Your Business Online Grant, which is presently accepting applications from companies that satisfy all of the following requirements.

Your Business is Eligible if it is:

Is A Non-Profit Company, Including For-Profit Cooperatives And Social Businesses.

Is A Corporation Or A Recognised Company?

Is A Company That Serves Customers?

May Be Reached By Customers Or Offers Them In-Person Services

Had A Minimum Of One Employee (Not Including The Company Owner) Or Generated Yearly Revenues Of At Least $30,000 During The Most Recent Tax Year (2021).

Your Business is Eligible if it is
Your Business is Not Eligible if it is

Your Business is Not Eligible if it is:

A Franchise, Business Network, Or Officially Recognised Charity

A Multi-Level Marketing Firm Representative

A Brokerage Company, Property Managers, Financial Planners, Insurance Brokers, Etc.

A Manufacturer, Distributor, Or Wholesaler (Unless You Sell To Customers Directly).

A Company That Uses Drop-Shipping Or Online Resale And Depends On Outside Suppliers

Application Steps

To ensure your business meets the eligibility requirements, please have the following information ready for the application:


Business name


Business owner’s name and contact information


Business structure


Number of years in business


Business registration number

Payment Process



Your authorised Spending Plan date cannot be sooner than the date(s) of the proof(s) of payment.


Description of Products/Services Purchased

The items or services that were acquired from the provider should be clearly listed on the proof of payment. According to the Canada Digital Adoption Program's authorised goods and services list (included in this page's section on grant expense eligibility), these mentioned items should be available.


Total of the Products and Services

The total amount spent on authorised goods and services shown on the payment receipt may exceed $2,400. However, the maximum amount of reimbursement is $2,400.


Tax Charge

GST/PST/HST tax charges will not be repaid. Grant payments will be made according to the expense's cost before taxes.


Supplier's Information

The payment documentation must expressly name the provider as:
Organisation Name Organisation Address
GST for businesses, if applicable
PST for businesses, if relevant
Information about the applicant


Applicant’s Information

The proof of payment should clearly indicate the applicant’s:
Business Name
Address (must be headquartered in British Columbia)



Please take notice that cash receipts are not acceptable for this award since there is no way to verify the payment. The acceptance of handwritten receipts is also prohibited. A payment method must be indicated on the receipt. Some methods of payment can be CREDIT CARD, CHEQUE, EFT, AMAZON RECEIPT

Frequently Asked Questions

The Canada Digital Adoption Program: What Is It?

The Canadian government launched the $4 billion Canada Digital Adoption Programme (CDAP) in Budget 2021 to assist in getting your business online, enhancing your online presence, or digitally transforming your company's activities. Young Canadians may get training and employment possibilities via CDAP, in addition to financing and assistance for enterprises.

What type of Documents do I need to apply?

Make sure you have ready:
• Proof of Business Registration
• Confirmation provided by CRA of sales tax registration or confirmation provided by the CRA of recent sales tax filleting (within the last 12 months)
• Proof of an employee (payroll run)

Can I apply for multiple businesses?

Yes, you have the option to submit applications for multiple businesses under CDAP. Each business must have its own individual digital adoption plan.However, it's important to be aware that there is a maximum loan cap of $200,000 per borrowing group. This means that if you apply for loans for several businesses, the total loan amount you can obtain for all of them combined should not exceed $200,000.

What is a micro-grant for growing your business online?

Your data's safety is paramount. We implement robust security measures to safeguard your information in the cloud, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

When do I receive the grant money?

Small and Medium Businesses will be reimbursed for 90%; of the cost of developing the plan (to a maximum of $15,000), once the plan is completed and the invoices are submitted. A payment schedule for the digital adoption plan will be stated by the CDAP Digital Advisor, and is an agreement between the business and the Digital Advisor.

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